i am modeling a drum kit…
and i am making it pretty detailed… but i was wondering if anyone knows how to model a good spring. or can point me in the way of a good tutorial.
thanks everyone.

ok, what you want for this is the screw function. ( note: you will do this entire procedure from a single view…do not change views ) first add a circle, then, from the circle, duplicate a single vert, place it above the circle, with a little room in between, then extrude it downwards, going slightly beyond the bottom of the circle. so, what you should have, is a circle with a vertical slash through it, basically. now hit the screw button a few times ( in edit buttons ) and you’ll get, basically, a spring, wrapped around a pole. so, since we don’t want the pole part, select a vertice ( of the pole ) and do ctrl L, which will select all vertices, that are attached to the one you had selected, which will select the entire pole, but not the spring. delete the pole portion, and you are left with a perfect spring. I hope this makes sense, if not, it’s been explained before, so you can probably find more on this method by doing a search.

Also, I think there’s a script out there somewhere for making spirals/spring-like shapes… search it:rolleyes:.

I agree with using the screw function

thanks… there was a pretty damn easier way than using array… as Spiffandy sed… the screw function is qucik and very easy…