Sprite Bake -- render animation to sprite sheets

So this has been out there for a while now, truth is I completely forgot to post this here. Might be useful for people googling out for a solution to their problems, which leads to those people trying out my code, which leads to invaluable user bug reports; that’s why I’m putting things here.

What does this thing do: render each frame in an animation and turn it into a single image. Now you can turn your fancy-pants animation into a spritesheet with a single click. No more importing as layers in GIMP, now all you have to do is animate and render it out; reduce busy work, everybody’s happy.

This is OPEN SAUCE. You can use it, modify it and funk it up or down with no restraints whatsoever. Just don’t be a mean cookie and pass my work as your’s.

Here you can get the code: https://github.com/Liebranca/UPBGE-Sprite-Bake

And here you can see me explaining usage through goofy english.

I will use this thread to document major updates and whatnot.