Sprite Fright

Why is there no Sprite Fright thread yet? :slight_smile:

It’s very well done and I really like the 12fps animation style. Strangely this feels more natural to me than more fluid character animation.


Loved it! Extremely well done. The lower FPS gives that stop-motion animation feel like Wallace and Gromit, in a good way.

Script might not be the deepest in the world, but it works fine for a short Halloween story.

Gotta download the production files later to check those out. :slight_smile:


I admit that sharp U-turn got me off guard.

I’m not a big fan of heavy stylized works, but great execution overall. Congratulations to Blender Studio.

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I loved it ! it doesn’t back from some violence, character designs are cool, animation is splendid, the script is fun, doesn’t try to be a brainer… Only the shading seems a little subpar : faces look flat with no glossiness whatsoever, same goes for the foliage… I suppose they went for a “clay” look but really that ends up lacking on most surfaces. They should either have gone full clay with the fingerprint marks and glossiness, or more realistic with face detail/textures (weirdly enough most characters don’t seem to have any), but this is a strange in-between.
I am nitpicking, as the film is very enjoyable. Excellent job everybody.