sprite pacman like game how to ?

I know I know , this is sooooo old of a topic. But these topics get lost and are so hard to search for after to many hours of trying.

How would I make a simple sprite character do different walks animations for when she walks up and down and so on…
I tried replaceing the mesh , but the mesh will not go back to the first mesh, and halo,s and all sorts of stuff but it either becomes to big and makes to many or does not animate or ,all sorts of head aches.

What I do know so far :
I do know how to make the animations and map them to animate.
I do know how to use the logic bricks to a point.

But I do’nt know how to make the mesh or add the mesh to do the different animations when called upon.

Make since???

I can not find any games like this silly simple stuff, just alot of 3d stuff.

Any links or help please… ^v^ :smiley:

Please, …
I just asked here because the Q&A board is always just Non- game stuff. Unless I am wrong.
I can always just erase this and post their. I just also not want to cross post.
I just thought some smart person here could help,

whatever :-?

:slight_smile: i know where u can find em look in the tutorial index i think its on ignieebee.com in the blendermania tutorial section.

no , I’m sorry to confuse you.
What I meant is " after" I create the different animations, and map them to planes. How do I make it do the different walk directions in the game engine when the proper arrow keys are pressed . ?

I know how to make a cube move in the engine, but makeing the plane change the animated image when I want it to walk up then change the animation to left view to walk left… All while being 2d.

Any other help ?

I THINK i understood. So you want a plane (sprite-character), to walk, and you want it to turn and face the other direction?

Just make the plane two-sided, make an ipo for it with 2 frames:
1st: facing right. 2nd: just press s (size) but dont change the size, and press x while in “size” mode. It will invert the plane, creating the effect that a 2d character is looking the other direction. easy, right?

That is half way, but what about the up and down arrows so a view of back and front. But that still does not control the start and stop of the uv face animation in itself. From that I tried “replace mesh”, but it will not replace the mesh back.

So. Is there a script that can replace the mesh and then replace it back with the same button press, or swap another , Al it does over here is replace once and then it just stays like that.

My next idea is to have a super flat mesh cut out that is skinned and just aramature that. But boy that will look silly, But it seams to be the only other way to get that pixel look.

Just think of any rpg gameboy game, they walk up and you see their back, and down you see thier face, and so on…

The best and only way i can imagine would be a python script that changes the uv mapping for displaying the front/back/side of the character and playing the animations. You could create a single texture with all frames of the animations and just use python to change the uv coordinates. There is a demo .blend in demo214 that shows how you can manipulate the uv coordinates. Additionally there is a uv animation script. I’m not sure if it was Saluk or DocHoliday who has written it.

dont need too much python. instead u can use the animation frames as u would use bitmap fonts. this means less python.

That wouldn’t be that much python. Just a single script which can switch direction and movement (and if there is any - if the character is standing still then it wouldn’t play the animation) and just change the uv coordinates. Because all frames should have the same size and are in the same image this wouldn’t be more demanding than doing it with a font (and for this you would have to create an appropriate font image).

Hi youngbatcat,

Just been playing with your idea, must admit I didn’t think of it when
I was making my Pacman type game but it seems to work OK. The
only problemI found was that the plane flashes white occasionaly when
the mesh changes. If you could overcome that I think it would be fine.

I’ll put the blend file on my site, if you’re interested you can check it out.

Here’s my site: http://www.whealprussia.freeserve.co.uk


I made a game in Blender where the main character was a 2d sprite. Check out “RunMan!” on my games page.

Coolness , i am checking now.

Aw dude I emailed you . I was wondering I can get the blend file.
I am on OSX , so just a blend file will work for meeee.


JRT , testing 3d pacman now, Is that the file ?

Sorry youngbatcat, that’s the game I made a while ago, just uses 1
animation. The file I meant was at the top of the page called
‘Change Mesh Test’ but wiseman303 probably knows more about this
than I do anyway.


Hey ! coolness, you got the replace mesh to work.

Now if you could get it to work with out the need for halo effect.

I will work on it.


Hi youngbatcat,

If you don’t want to use halo just take it off then rotate your
plane to face the camera or the view that you want to use. It works
just the same. You don’t need to use dynamics either if your game
doesn’t call for it.

Good luck, jrt.