Sprite Rules!

Here’s a little project for fun.
C&C please, specifically about background texture type.

(I know there are a couple of texture issues, and the coke material isn’t right)

2.47 Indigo 1.1.15


Nobody even has any crits?

Got to say it looks great! :slight_smile: Only thing I think is that the coke probably is a little bit to dark.

Indeed it looks great, the only things that arent right are what you said already, the texture is odd in some places and the coke material doesnt look as coke.
Also the fluid settings could be a bit off? Looks too thick, the way it separates… Just a thought though.

And the fact that coke is better than sprite… but anyway… Good job :smiley:

Hmm, this is what it looks like in the view port, I don’t know why it would be different when I render it.


Hmm, I think it could be due to the subsurf modifier… Check how it looks on the 3D Window when you have the modifier on.

I have the subsurf on in that image…
Well, got to go to bed.

It seems to me like those faces have the Coke can texture mapped to them, but the screenshot of the 3D Window tells that there’s no image mapped there, or that the material hasnt ‘TexFace’ activated.
So it may be a thing of assigning materials properly.

everything looks real…But the lighting on the cans make the cans look not so real…

Id fix that…This looks like it could be a desktop wall paper

Great work

Care to elaborate?

It’s cool. I originally thought you meant sprite as in pixels and stuff.

Me too! Well, good job anyway, but I personally don’t see which one’s better, they just taste different. Anyway, maybe increase the transparency of the coke? that might help, and also, if I’m correct, maybe SSS could help, too, but I have no idea, never really use it, so I wouldn’t know. Just a thought though.