sprite sheets!!!

has anyone noticed that in the BGE, you cant control when a sprite starts the sprite sheet, that when you add more sprites they are all at the same frame of the sprite sheet?

well i would like to know of a way to get around this,

if anyone knows of a way to fix this please comment,

but if you also want this fixed then comment as well, maybe even writing an example of when it held you back.
here’s my example.

the other day i tried making a flamethrower, i had the sprites all set up and ready to go, but when i shoot the flamethrower, all of the fire sprites look the same, because they are all at the same spot in the sprite sheet!!!

This is hard to read.
If you could use Caps, sentences, and form paragraphs, more people would be able to keep on reading after the second line.
I couldn’t.

But my imagination tells me that post could be interesting, so it’s worth the rewriting :slight_smile:

Amen to that, please elaborate and explain yourself.

i understand… i was trying to make a smoke trail for a missile in the ge. plz help!

Well, there are 2 ways to animate sprites on the BGE, the one shown on Yo Frankie! tutorials somewhere, and the other one using a blender script made by Doc Holiday, I uploaded recently an updated version for 2.49 that is around these forums, use search for it.