sprite sheets?

Pls forgive that I ask this question about every 6 months (but have yet to get a response).

Is there a way in Blender to achieve something like the attached for animating mouth phonemes? If so, how to switch from texture to texture?

Here’s a link to the film if you’d like to see it.

I haven’t tried it ever. but i think , you can animate the sprite sheet with Texture Offset (Its available in Materials).

Process is going to be simple, i guess. like different offset on different frame.

Thanks, Duke. I’ll give that a play!!


I see what you’re describing. That could work, but I like the way the example SHOWS the phonemes. To animate you just click on the thumbnail to change. That’s pretty eloquent.

ugh, I dont wanna learn Maya just to have this feature.


Neat song.
I’m pretty sure i saw tutorial on YT on subject & blender. Will try to find again; no firm promise tough ;).

Edit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1sJHEazemA
And if you look at lady’s other tuts you’ll probably find one involving bones too.

I found this one, too…

but she flies by so fast I cant keep up. I like this one because it has the “helper object” like in my example. But like I mentioned, she just FLIES thru it. =[

oH… This was actually one i had in mind and, yes, it’s a bit like fast track, however i feel it has all to at least give it a try.

I went thru this about 18 times. I kinda got it to work. But my bone offset influence is a little whacked. No idea why.

According to the “tutorial”, if I set my vertex group to equal the name of the “variant” shouldn’t the bone ONLY affect the variant/vertex group?!

EDIT: my bone offset was weird until I UNCHECKED “Deform”. No mention of that in the “tutorial”.


UV_mod_01.blend (551 KB)

Does this help? Sorry if that’s not what you want - was just flying over this thread…

@IkariShinji Yes, I did see this one yesterday when I was researching. Thx for offering to help. =]

Just tried the first method (2D Image Sequence). Works mostly well (pls see attached). I couldn’t get the custom properties to work, tho. This would be a tedious process. But I guess you could have a cheat sheet. e.g. Frame 05 = “L”, etc. There’s probably a faster way using Papagayo or another lip-syncing app. Then just apply the mov(?) to the geometry. ?

Thx again!


flat_faces.blend (523 KB)