sprite type of game

How would I go about making a sprite type of game say like what you see on SNES ?

Use another engine?

It’s quite POSSIBLE with Blender, but there’s really no reason to do so. It’s not the best platform, and you’re going to be increasing system requirements of your game for no reason. Learn Pygame for some really easy programming-based 2d game design, or you can look at GameMaker for something similar.


I want to do it with 3D objects, so it would be something like a 3D game on a two dimensional view. If it’s possible then how ?

you mean like this?


2Dexample.blend (183 KB)

Like sam mentioned, you can use pygame (http://www.pygame.org/). Its a python library so if you already know python from blender then picking it up shouldn’t be that hard. You can also get many libraries for pygame, GUI libraries, physics libraries. Some people even release stipped down versions of their code to use a framework, such as tilebased systems (isometric, hexagonal tiles ect).

with some experience with pygame (made some 2D platformer with blitting and then with openGL). heres some advice…

If you want to use pixel graphics/blending, pygame can be better.
If you want nice fullscreen motion at 800x600 or more, youll want OpenGL in Pygame or use Blender
If you dont want to make a 2D level editor, Blender has an advantage.
If you want dynamics, BGE has bullet, pygame you need to use some other 2D physics system.

Basically Id use blender if you can take advantage of it as a… level editor/bullet physics/AreNotGoodEnoughAtOpenGL/Wont use pixel graphics for all assets.

Ok, thanks for all input