Sprites in BGE

Am I being stupid? I have literally been googling this topic all day, and found nothing. Now the screen’s burning the back of my eyes and words are no longer making sense to me.

How would I go about making a sprite in the BGE - eg, an explosion or a special effect.

I’m guessing a plane with an animated, alpha-mapped texture, right? How do I animate textures in the BGE?

This should help you out a bit. Most of us actually used Killer’s animated sprite system for things like water and explosions. If your looking for fire, I suggest Martinsh’s GLSL fire demo.

Particles in blender are created by using a gradient like this
load it in and then press ‘u’ and click ‘reset’. You then go to ‘tex face’ under the editing panel and press ‘add’ and ‘twoside’. There are other variations and it’s nice to mix it up with alpha maps too.


Yournamehere: Thanks for the reply.

The Killer technique where you tile across a spritesheet:

How do I set the start frame? At the moment it starts wherever it was when I last played - so I have to start the game engine, wait until it’s finished and press ‘Esc’ to get it to the right place.

if I add another explosion sprite in-game, they both show the same pic. How can I get this new one to start from frame 0 without changing the old one?

Have I asked a stupid question?