Sproket Creator script - free to a good home.

Free to a good home, my abandoned sprocket creator script, which creates a N toothed chain sprocket tooth profile.

Lost interest in developing it, so I may as well pass it on to someone else.


Builds the tooth profile of a N tooth sprocket for a chain
with Chain Pitch P, Roller Diameter RD, and Roller Width RW.

Download the script here (no website, sorry!)


An screen shot of the script:


Not tested in 2.44.


Tried on 2.43 and SVN version. It worked well. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

A quick update on how to use.

Info on sprockets and chains, here: http://www.gizmology.net/sprockets.htm

The script also creates an empty called “empty.N” where N is the tooth count.

Once the tooth profile has been created you only need to add an array modifier with Fixed Count N and Object Offset “empty.N”

e.g. 50 tooth sprocket, use 53 for the array count and “empty.53” for the object offset.



Thanks a lot for sharing…