While working to improve my scene composition skills I created these renders. I have had less success with these types of renders than I’d like and so I’ve spent a great deal of time in recent months studying how to create believable scenes. I am seeing measurable improvement, but it still has a way to go before it really tricks the eye. I’d love any tips on what you see as off about the image or have notes on what I could do to improve it.

Software: Blender 2.78

Resources and References used

  • Image of a tree sprout from Google
  • Grass essentials from Blender Guru
  • Filmic Color management

Hi there,
i’m not going to go into the composition or modeling aspects, but one thing i see lacking in this image is the lighting. It is very flat. You don’t have any highlights nor deep shadows. Also, everything has a blueish-purpleish tint. First thing i’d recommend is to pump WAY more light into your scene. That way you get more vibrant colours and more natural contrast. Unless of course you were aiming for that late evening look, in which case forget about what i’m saying…

Anyway, i took your image into photoshop (hope you don’t mind) and cranked some curves. I may have overdone it a bit, but you see what i mean.

Hope this is of any help, and looking forward to seeing more of your renders!


Actually, I like the original, except the SSS on the leaves looks too much.

Yes, that was just my first reaction to the original post.

I really appreciate the detailed feedback, I will definitely take a crack at improving the lighting. I was aiming for an evening look, but I still think you have a valid point especially with the highlights that are lacking. I’ll also work to correct the SSS on the leaves as well.

I should add, when I saw the title, I was hoping for a baby cabbage :wink: