Spud (better named 'Sprouts')

Ok, here’s a quick little work from me. Nothing I’m proud of, but thought I’d post it here anyway. Not a lot of my works make it here as I’m terrible at calling them finished, because there’s always going to be something to do to make them better, but I’m not going to do anything more to this, so here it is.


By the way, it has nothing to do with potatoes as far as I’m aware, but something in the back of my mind told me to call those funny plant things spuds. :confused:

Hope you all like it…

it’s awfully simple.
I don’t like it simple, i like it simple and clean, like peanut butter and jelly. This is like celery and jelly… this, is just simple.
I don’t know man, i know your way more capable this, and your imagination exceeds limit’s.
Use your strength’s against your weaknesses.

Now about the image.
The texture is just too bland and dark. I would like to see some color shadows, maybe you could tweak it with a ramp? The grass is too thin and random. Grass should be short and crowded unless your going for a wheat field or something.
I don’t know, you got potential.
I’ll see what you have to reply before i vote.

Thanks for your reply track wrecka. I pretty much agree with most of what you said there.
I don’t really think much of this image my self, and the reason I made it was because I was doodling stuff on paper and drawing for the sake of drawing, when I drew those viney things with leaves at the top. I thought they looked pretty neat on paper, but I don’t think I’ve managed to capture that same feeling with this image I’ve made in Blender, based on those sketches.

I completely agree that I’m capable of a lot more than this image here, which was just a quick thing I did for fun. I’ve never been much good at making effective stills with Blender, but rather I’ve found I’m much better at animation, and rigging.

Like I said, this image is certainly not something I’m proud of, but yeah. Thanks for the comments trackwrecka. I’ll definately take them into consideration in the next image I create.

I’ve also updated the image very slightly, by making the grass slightly thicker, and lightening it up a bit, but it definately isn’t anything towards perfect.


the realistic-ness of the grass doesnt really fit in with the rest of the cartoonish look of it

I think it’s cool to see someone posting a work that’s not really supposed to be anything more than a 3D doodle.

Most of the time people are so serious about what they post, like “behold my piece, which I have worked laboriously on, and will now post for public critique.”
Your approach seems more like “Hey guys, this is a random thing I whipped up one afternoon. It ain’t much, but I’ll post it in case someone finds it amusing”.
I can dig it.

P.S. Maybe the term you’re searching for isn’t “spuds”, but “sprouts”?

I took one look at it and immediately thought “bean sprouts”.

Anyway, it is awfully simple, but a nice concept.

Yep - my thoughts too…

Jeepster + goosey: I think your dead right. I need to create a theme or style and stick with it throughout the piece, rather than try and make several different items and then place them all in the same scene kind of thing. Thanks.

Quantum Anomaly: Thanks for your comment. It’s good to see not everyone’s upset that I posted a pretty average, simple piece here in the Finished Projects.

And about the name, I think Sprouts probably is what I was actually looking for when coming up with a name, but for some reason It got turned into spud. No idea why, but oh well.


Not a lot to see there.
Even if you painted a little boy hanging on to the stalk and looking out into the distance, in post pro, it would makes this image so much more.

At the moment, it’s just… “awfully simple”.

yeah, Trak said it all, sorry bro, just kind of pointless.