Spun Torus

(Bapsis) #1

Hey all,

Just wondering if anyone knew the “recipe” to spin a torus from a circle, would be muchly appreciated. :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(OTO) #2

Put your 3d cursor at the center
Add a circle in front view
Enter edit mode
In top view select all verts and and move then in x axis to the desired
torus diameter
With verts selected in the Edit window press the Spin button with degres
360 and steps ? it’s up to you.
Now select all the verts and do a Rem Doubles to close the
That’s it

(VelikM) #3

In front view add a ‘Circle’ scale it down to fit inside four grid units, place the curser three grid intersections to the right of the circle center (use ‘shift-s-3’ to place the curser on the grid) in the ‘Edit’ buttons window set ‘Deg’ to 360, ‘Steps’ to 36, and ‘Turns’ to 1, in edit mode make sure all vertices are selected, click the ‘Spin’ button, the curser may or may not turn into a question mark (on OS X it doesn’t) if there is more than one window open (there should be because I’'m going to tell you to click in the top view :wink: ) it should turn into a ?, click in the top view, you should see the circle spin around the curser. select all verticies and click the ‘RemoveDoubles’ button.
Instant donut

(TurboG) #4

If you just need a Donut, you could also just press Space-> add-> Surface-> Donut, and then press alt+C and convert it to mesh…But the Using spin works too…

(cohort) #5

With the Donut surface, how does one scale the diameter of the section independantly of the whole object?

(IanC) #6

convert it to a mesh (alt-c after coming out of edit-mode) then go into edit mode (tab) press a so that all points are yellow, then hold alt and press s. let go of both and move your mouse to change the diameter.