Spur gear

I was model a 100 tooth spur gear, i did all teeth, then i resize width of teeth to get angle of teeth, but only two edges, but when i did that all 4 sides sloped, then i did inside, to equel thickness outside to mesh correct, then i want to fix top and bottom highlight only all edges all around at end of each tooth but when i use G on key board, i can raise so flat, when seem to do that some teeth twist, same with otherside dont look right, quite alot to fix, then i want to do a booleen cut it not just put a hole dead center, also formed a line right across spur gear. then i decide to deleate project, nearly there, except for weird problems.


It’s not clear what you’re saying… :slightly_smiling_face:

To help you and to make your life easier… . you can activate the addon “Extra Objects”, so you’ll have the possibility to create a gear… :+1:

I did that and it does