Spy Film Car Explosion VFX

This is a VFX explosion for my spy film movie. Using a slightly modified tutorial by Andrew Price from Blender Guru.com. Let me know what you think. I’ll upload the full video when its finished.


So that’s real footage with the fire over it? Looks pretty awesome, actually! :smiley:

Yep! I had to cut out the rear car to make it go around. Its not finished yet. But here is the video as promised!

The explosion looks a little too sudden, and at the end you can see the smoke pressed up against the domain wall. It’s a pretty realistic still though!

it’s a good basis but surely needs a lot of work. The rotorscoping of the 2nd car that passes by the explosion is a bit “poor” if you mind the expression :slight_smile: And yes the domain seems a bit small for the scene. Keep it up I would love to see the end result!

Thanks guys, the domain issue I knew about, and just means some rebaking. And the rotoscoping of the cars has already been fixed. And I think, looks really awesome. It still has work needed like you said. But I was happy it came out like it did. Also, the sound effect of the explosion was created by me blowing into the microphone! Pretty fun results. I’ll upload the finished product here when I’m done. Removing that front car for a clean explosion was very time consuming!

Nice work…did you use any tracking for this.

No I didn’t, tracking is an animal I have barely started to use yet. So I cheated on my special effects in this movie and had a panless cam for most of the effects.

Ya iv worked with the tracking already and its still a little unstable right now if you ask me.

Yeah, I’ve been intending to get into tracking soon. I am going to try and make a film over the summer that I will be using camera tracking and things like that. But right now school has me swamped for trying anything new.