Spy vs Spy

Which among these bad-boys usually win in the comics? was it white spy or black spy. Theres a lot more work here and I just whippped this up a couple of hours ago. Any suggestions? (Copied it from a Spy vs Spy game cover :expressionless: )


PS: The Walk-o-Matic procedural walk script always has this error
AttributeError: layer

I followed the tutorial but it still doesn’t work

Nice render.
In the comics, both spies won and lost equally. The only one who won consistently was the voluptuous lady Gray Spy.

hmmm… okay, is there a full picture of the aforementioned gray spy?

Alas, on the net I can only find this crude picture:

She appears in the anthology:

She is called “the Gray Spy” or “the Lady in Gray”.

Haha that’s nice. Look forward to updates.

the dynamite should resemble the red from the left side more, it’s the pictures weakest point imho, but beyond that, it’s very nice.


Here are some:

Impossibly hourglass waist. Sometimes has a cape which is either gray or white. Gloves are either gray or white. Dress is backless. High-heel platform shoes. Cat-eye glasses.

I think they win half and half and Gray Lady usually wins them both.