Hello everyone,

I’m here to post my first blender project in progress. After doing lots of tutorials I finally manage a few techniques to create something I’m pretty satisfied of. It actually started of as just a sphere to test some materials on but it gave me an idea to work on.
I rendered it with blender’s internal render. I will be trying to make an animation of this creature in the near future so please feel free to give me comments on how to improve before I start on the animation progress.

Btw, I stumbled on this problem where I can’t seem to move the vertexes in the ‘chain’ curve which is connecting the eye in Z space so please tell me if you have an idea how to fix this.

Thanks :slight_smile:


haha thats cool :slight_smile: reminds me of the robot in the incredibles :smiley:
keep it up its looking good!

nice robot. i am looking forward to see it in motion.

Thanks im working on a few small storyboards at the moment, and im trying to get used to working with armatures which is giving me alot of headaches lol.