Spyder (WC83)

Well, it is a Spyder. Any of you that do web design know that Spyders crawl the web and look for new sites to add to their databases.

very nice

can u add more of them??? say smaller ones that follow the big one

…Looks like the spyder has only 7 legs…

Well, anywho, I just think the chips should be less… shiny (can’t think of the word). Aside from that, it looks pretty good.

Jeeves: The chips are actually modeled from my stick of RAM i wear around my neck. the specularity is very close to that of my stick.
I didn’t have much time to work on anything for this weekend’s contest, so that is why there isn’t much here. The spider took forever to do, and I rendered it overnight. I have a HP Pavilion 8766C Computer with 128mb SDRAM, and a 900MHz Pentium III Processor. AKA: It sucks. I will be buying my iBook soon with G4 and 640mb of RAM.