Spyro Model In the Works.

Hello all, I’m in the process of trying to make a model of Spyro the Dragon but I have some questions on wether or not I’m going about this correctly.

Looking at the image labeled SpyroHead3, I created his head using 4 pieces put together and made in sculpt mode. Is there anyway I can get them to mesh together so that they’d look like one object?

I’ve tried to just pull extra…mesh from the head itself in an attempt to make his horns and head spikes like how I did with his snout. It failed horribly and when I tried to smooth it out, it only tried to warp back into the head. Making two horns from two cubes were the only way I could see my model reach the look I want it to look.

I’ll post more pics later, there’s still some questions that I need answered.

EDIT: Ah, here’s the real problem. Why is it that when I render my body pic of Spyro his back legs look like sticks?


you said the head has 4 parts i can see only 3

  1. the head
  2. horn in the middle
  3. two horns (make only one horn and use a mirror modifier) :slight_smile:

i think its fine that way that all of them in separated objects
a blend file will be very helpful

about the rear legs
select the last vertics loop in the bottom of the leg
turn “proportional” on (OKEY)
and scale to the correct axis to make them more thick

am i helpful ?