Spyro the Dragon

Ok. I’ve never done character modelling in Blender before so I started off by doing a model of Spyro the Dragon as he looked in the original PSX series (With some of my own little tweaks here and there :)).

Here’s how the model’s going so far. I’ve done the overall body shape, just got to add the chest plates, claws, wings and spikes for his back and tail and I’m done.


good start. :yes: the scales on his head/twisty horn looks a little odd, but overall looks like a good start

It’s a good start for sure, I remember playing three of the Spyro games, the first two on the PS1 were great, but I did notice on Return of the Dragonfly on the PS2 rendering glitches like a whole section of one level just not being rendered and black glitchy polygons in another.

The newest game suggests Spyro seems to be in the beginning of the comeback, part of which is the vastly upgraded graphics.

i love this guy! looks good so far hope you have enough momentum to finish it

Thanks guys ^^!

Ok. Update! I’ve been editing my Spyro model a little, gave him sone claws, improved his eyes a little, shortened his neck slightly and I also gave a toon shaded look. I don’t know about you but I quite like him toon shaded.

Cyborg Dragon: Yeah, Enter the Dragonfly had glitches almost everywhere not just the rendering, even when Spyro moved it looked slow and glitchy. I had to reboot the game countless time either because half the level I was in was missing or a level just wouldn’t load. I think it was probably the worse Spyro game I ever played.


i like the toon version, kinda cute :smiley:

Thanks ^^! Is there anyway I can make the brown bands on his horns tighter though? I used the wood/ring texture tried changed the size settings but it wouldn’t give me the thin rings that I wanted

Horns are ridged like a Capricorn. Spikes go down all the way from the head to the tail. Not sure anymore if this had been in the original this case. Otherwise nice start but needs some more work to get to a good state.

Concerning the games: anything beyond the first three are trash. I even had the displeasure to review some of them. Some game-devs should have to pay back for the crap they tossed out.

Any plans on making Cynder? The new games suck but the character itself is interesting.

Hey, guys. Update!

I’ve been editing my Spyro model last night till yon time and I managed to add on the chest plate, wings and spikes for his back. I admit I had quite a bit of trouble modeling the overlapping chest plates (Each one modelled from a plane mesh) and the wings were hard to model as well (Joints made from extruding and manipulating a cylinder and membrane made from planes) I don’t suppose anyone knows better ways of modelling chest plates and wings?


only easier way i could think of is some box modeling then duplicating the chest plates and scaling them a bit

oh good old spyro. Loved that game. Nice work.

I hate you for bringing painful childhood memories of that game but I love you for doing a good job of it. I loved those games. But they were the bane of my existence. Every single one of them had that ONE part which would stump me for weeks. Most games have that one BAD part in them and I hate it. But it looks like you took all of the bad out and put AMAZING in. Good work. Keep it up.

It’s coming together very well, though I thought the chest scales hugged the chest area a bit more than shown on your version, you should try to conform the chest scales to the chest a bit more, you can try to use the shrinkwrap modifier to an extent or just model the scales in as part of the mesh.

The new games suck

This has happened with multiple character franchises, I do wish Spyro would have new games that played like the PS1 games with next gen graphics without overdone bloom, which is multiple worlds with portals. Sonic has had the same fate too, trashing the mixed exploration/speed aspect for the most part and mainly focusing on just the speed (I also miss how you have to start your superspin in place before tearing off), only problem is watching YouTube videos suggest those new games are TOO fast.:spin: