Spyro the dragon

From the original ps1 game(and my favorite). Please tell me what you think. This is my first model , and unfortunately I couldn’t find any good reference images. The next things I will be making will be the wings.
The newest render will now be in this post.


Just started on the legs.


Its suppose to look like this


spyro! he’s one of my favorites too :smiley:

i couldn’t find any orthographic reference images either, but you might wanna take a look at this:
http://www.darkspyro.net/skins/set/images/random_full/night_spyro4.jpg (not the original but it’s a better side view)

i think your biggest problem is that you’ve made the body way too wide and the legs too thick - you might wanna make the snout a bit shorter too

try setting that second link to a background image and try to make your model fit the reference

anyway, good luck with this :smiley:

Update: fixed the legs/horns now with amb occlusion.
ya lol I know I realized this right after finding that pic on Google and posting it.


in modeling, a clean mesh is really important (it’s best to try keeping all of the faces fairly square shaped quads, no triangles or long rectangles) - i did a paintover of how i’d model him. if you take a bit of time looking at the edgeflow, i think it’d be really helpful if you decide to redo some parts

basically, the red lines are where the edges would be, and where they cross is where the vertices are. the yellow is where the edge of symmetry is.

the green lines mark the important edges and creases. it’s best to keep your vertices lined up along these

good luck on your modeling, hope this helps :smiley:


Update just made some basic claws. I make the wings and possibly some better claws tomorrow:D
Thanks for the pictures. I will strongly consider redoing the geometry.


How do I convert to a quad

select the triangles, hit alt J

if you’re serious about redoing the mesh as i suggested, you might wanna start from scratch with a plane and extrude edges and vertices, then connecting things with F

That’s not bad, but I don’t think it resembles Spryo a whole lot. I would take Jeepster’s advice, he is a pro at all things blender haha. If it weren’t supposed to be Spryo then I would say Awesome job, it is great as just a normal dragon.

Im willing to redo but I am kind of confused as to how to start from a plane. Do you mean just start from the bottom with a plane and just extrude up? Or start with a plane and etrude it to a cubeish like body and go off of that.

Err, add a plane and start extruding. i did a quick example. I started off with the blue plane, and shaped it according to the topology drawn, then i extruded it along the blue arrow, then i extruded the top edgeloop along the green arrows, and bottom edgeloop along the purple arrow, and got 3 “stripes” of faces, so that is pretty much what you are doing.

Now i did this all in front view, and went over the mirror line and did this from an angles view…so by no means you should start like i did, this is just for demonstration purposes. what you should do is set up a mirror modifier like you did on you first attempt, then find both front and side views of the dragon, and have another go at it.


ya like what DDD did - instead of extruding the entire face, only extrude one edge or vertex at a time.
I know, it’s more of an advanced modeling technique, but it’s probably the best way to do organics

here’s a timelapse to show this poly by poly modeling technique

Work with cylinders, he is too square.

@DDD and Jeepster
now I understand I just didn’t at first. I cant find any front and side views I looked.
I’m probably going to go with their technique but its good feedback

Just made the body:eyebrowlift:


heheh nice concept :wink:

Just finished the tail


Here’s a smooth render


Poly by poly is best to use on complicated parts of the model. Like his face or feet. His legs and body are basically cylinders…looking better btw. But still I see lots of errors.:cool: