Spyro's Sketchbook

Hi, fellow artists! New here, but looking to make some beautiful Blender art, so thought I’d start a sketchbook. I’ve been using Blender for years, but only recently got into it and started learning it’s ins and outs. Anyway, here’s my most recent project that I wanted to do as a test for learning animation, and FX better in Blender. Btw, the cloth would be even better if it were subdivided more, but doing that makes my system lock up, so if anyone has some suggestions on that, it would very appreciated. Feel free to comment.


This is my other project, a custom character sculpt. Obviously, a work in progress, but it’s coming along great so far.

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This is my weekend challenge project, and it’s the most impressive works I’ve done with Blender yet!

And this is the exact same shot, without any mats…

Let me know of any comments, questions, or suggestions on this project. I’d love to go more in-depth on it if you guys are interested in it!

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Human’ figure is a bit hard to read on the render, but i like the colors on the final shot))