Square Bubbles

More a test than a real video but I added some music, so let’s call it a video. :wink:

(Sorry if the soundtrack explodes at the end… Not my fault, Blender did it!)

Rendered in Cycles. Around 3 seconds per frame on GPU at only 10 samples. No post-processing at all. I used only one procedural material on the cubic particles and on the “tunnel”.

The remake is already planned. There are so many things “the director” wants to redo differently than they aren’t worth mentioning. :wink:

interesting project. It looks like a “robot blood stream”

Binary flow… Reminds me of some Farbrausch or Conspiracy demos :slight_smile: A nice effect. Could be even more interesting if there were streams of different size and speed. And try rendering Freestyle over it. Would make objects more pronounced.

Robot blood stream, binary flow… I’m taking notes for the remake. :wink:

And I’d like to be able to use Freestyle but it doesn’t get along well with Cycles AFAIK. Any way, the cubes were used only for the test. More curvy objects will be used in the remake. I made some tests already.

Same frame than in my previous post, different particles. The result is already better.