Square corner effect with curve deform

Having no luck creating a square corner with curve deform modifier. Screen shot is attached, and all suggestions are welcomed. Thanks.


use a 2d curve

I tried 2D; didn’t appear to make a difference.

It keeps the edges the same length. A radius of 1.4142135 on the corner handle makes it square.

I’ve changed the corner radius to 1.4142135, and still no luck. Could you share your file? Thanks.

Nope. But when you include one in the starting post with the questions, first replies are likely to include more specific answers to your problem and have a file to share.

Thanks for your reply. I’ve attached my file, which includes a curve deform modifier, bevel object, and array and curve deform modifiers. The bevel object produces nice right angles, but only with a 2D curve. The curves I use in the file come from a mesh that has a corner radius of 1.4142135, of which is also included. Please do let me know your thoughts.


Curves.blend (485 KB)

Perfect example of why the file is important. The objects in the file have thickness, the screenshot doesn’t show that.

Didn’t find any curves with that radius.

  1. curve with bezier splines, 3d mode, with corner radius of 1.4142135 or sqrt(2). Extruded and tilted to give a flat geometry
  2. curve with poly splines, 2d mode, bevel object
  3. curve with bezier splines, 2d mode, with corner radius of sqrt(2). Used for curve deform

Mesh in 4. consist of curve deform modifier and solidify modifier after that gives it thickness. Modifier order is top down so it works.

curves_90_ja12.blend (90.6 KB)

Thanks, JA12, for all of your help and insight with this. I finally can achieve what you have done. Per the attached image, I had used the MeasureIt add-on to measure and display corner radii. However, I now know that this indication is not the same as the radius property of a control point. I also realized that I needed to change the spline type from poly to bezier and that I need to change all of the handle types to free. My next step is to have the same effect with a 3D path. Thanks, again.


Ok, now I have a new related problem. Before, the segments that made the right angle were the same length. Now, if the segments are asymmetrical, I can’t seem to provide the right corner radius that allows for a right angle.