Square explosion.

It’s about time I posted this. O.K. yet another noob question. A while ago when I downloaded the “new” version of blender, my explosions started coming out square. I know there’s something really simple I’m missing here and it’s bugging me. Anyway I’ve posted a screenshot for your viewing pleasure.


No you are not really missing anything, the particle effects tend to take a basic square shape, about the only thing you can do is play around with the random value, sometimes changing the number of keys can help, or mess with the seed setting. Anyway hope that helps some.

Thanks. I tried all those things before but they didn’t seem to make much difference in shape.

I know about a build with the explosion modifier, but I don’t see it on the final one!

I find going into edit mode and selecting all vertices then clicking ‘hash’ in the mesh tools panel normally works, but it always goes back to being square when you close Blender and open it again…

I noticed this as well. Its the way the noise is generated. You could try using texture to randomize it a bit more. I havent done this yet, but at least you get to specify what the texture is, rather than being stuck with whatever generator and random distrabution that hard coded.

The thing I found weird is that it only happened with the new version of blender (2.42a) The other versions worked fine. I find this rather disappointing as I much enjoy blowing things up.

What shape is your emitter mesh?

Just a basic UV sphere. I also tried hash and/or noise and it still gives a square.

It’s because your start and end frames for particle generation are the same. Separate them by 1 or more frames.

Tried that before too. Didn’t work. I basically played around with all the animation buttons to see if anything changed with no luck. I don’t know what changed in Blender since the last version but it’s bugging me.

That is strange, as I copied the particle settings from your screencap to a UV sphere. At first I got a square, then changed “End” to 101 and got a spherical cloud. No hashing or noise needed. This was in 2.42a. [Scratches haid]

Hey you’re right! I don’t know how but it worked this time. Very weird. Anyway. thanks CD38. I’ll post if I find more bugs.

But what about explosions?
I mean with the mesh breaking up and flying apart?