Square Holes without proximity loop

Hi all, is there a way to make those hole square without adding an edge loop? I ve tried beveling and creasing but the hole still has an oval shape.

Yes there is

Ok thanks for the tips, i saw in previous post that there’s also a way of doing it by changing topology of the mesh,
but i think that doing it manually for several holes is a lot time consuming.
BTw i’m not able to replicate your technique of topology changing can you try to explain to me maybe applayed on a similar model of mine.
Thanks so much for the help

Do you use only the crease comand? or the bevel tool?
Also i saw in a previous post that you solve this issue by changing the topology of the mesh.
I find that approach pretty difficult and time consuming for a lot of holes. Am i wrong? (i assume you have to do that manually for every hole)

I did use a similar model from what I can see from a cropped screenshot, and provided the same amount of information back. As the shot shows, I used creasing to get them square, and which edges were creased. That doesn’t give perfect results and is likely to require tweaks to clean up the surface, but that wasn’t the question.

Yes, if one would use control loops to adjust each hole one by one it would be time consuming. Avoiding that and efficiently managing multiple points of interest is why there are workflows to deal with modeling.

How, what, when, maybe someone else more interested can answer. Thought showing an example of creasing would be enough. If it isn’t, I have enough replies to posts with “can’t” and a cropped screenshot to work with.