Square in a square

Good afternoon.
How can i do a perfect squared hole in a model (even after subsurf)?

There are several ways to achieve this. My favourite method is to add more edges:

  1. Select the edges bordering the corner. 2. Subdivide them (W>Subdivide)

  1. Select one of the newly created edges. 2. Drag it towards the corner. (Ctrl+E>Edge Slide) 3. Repeat on the other side.

  1. Add a new edge loop and drag it towards the edge of the hole. 2. Repeat on the other side.

  1. Final result - a “perfect corner” in a subsurfed mesh.

Also have a look at

/ Mats

PS I added these images as attachments. I’m not sure why they fail to show up.


Mats, I’m having some trouble understanding your method.

Select the edges bordering the corner.

which corner do you mean?

could you post some pics?


Here’s a suggestion. First extrude the face you want to have the hole in, and immediately press either the escape key or the right mouse button, so as to not move the extruded face. Scale this to the size you want and delete the face (in the delete menu, choose face). If you want a pocket behind the hole, then instead of deleting it, extrude the face as you normally would to the depth you want it to be. Now, to make the hole square even after you apply SubSurf, select the edges around the top (and bottom if you extruded it inwards) of the hole and crease them (Shift+E). This should force the previously created hole to always be square.

Yep, that’ll work just about every time. Thanks