Square Light reflection


I’m trying to reproduce the following kitchen scene and I’m having problems trying to do the square light reflection on the upper cabinets.
Right now, I’m using an area light from the window. The window is an object with an emitter material. Finally I’ve added a background spot that works as a fill light and one Sun light (not sure why :confused:).

How can I get that square light reflection on the upper cabinet?



cocina.blend (188 KB)

enit material don’t produce light around them they are only brighter!
so you need to add a lamps or spot light to produce light

sorry but i don’t see what you mean by square ligth

can you show pic or explain some more here
so we can help you some more

i’n certain there is a way to help you


To me it looks like the square of light is caused by light coming in through the doorway.
I would hide a light behind the doorway and partially obscure it by the door frame.
Or if all else fails. Textured lighting.


I’ve removed the specularity from the upper cupboard and replaced it with a reflection that quickly fades into the material colour. I think this is closer to what you’re after.

I hope you can open the .blend file (I’m using a self-built version).


cocina.blend (199 KB)


Yes!! thats what I want, thanks!!
What kind of replection did you add?



No problem. It’s just a simple raytraced reflection. I attached the .blend to my reply above so you can see exactly how I did it. You can try changing the raymir, gloss and max dist values to see different effects.

@ pigeon

where do you find this raytrace variable in F5 mirror panel ?

i did a render and look the same to me !

the door is still very bright and white
and completely artificial
not certain with what this could be replaced
unless having an exteriror deco with a sun may be

and why set an emit value on a door hole?

what is the goal of this - creating an outside ligth source ?



I’ve played with this file a bit more. I’ve altered the lighting, materials and models a little to more closely match the lighting in the reference photo. I hope this helps.


cocina.blend (183 KB)

@ rawpigeon

The new scene you’ve just created takes a lot longer to render compared
to the previous one, what would be the main reason for this?. :confused:


Could it be occlusion?


It’s slower because it’s doing a lot more raytracing and Blender doesn’t have a fast raytrace engine at the moment.

Some of the materials have glossy reflections so they aren’t too fast, but the biggest slowdown comes from the large soft area light coming through the door/window.

I used non-raytraced elements where I could get away with it, so a couple of the lights are buffered spotlights.

I don’t think it’s too slow for a still image, but if you were going to do an animation it would be worth baking the shadows.

Thanks for the info rawpigeon.

Everything is slow on my old computer, it’s a nightmare:(.

Yes!, that was the killer:yes:

I’m a newby with Blender… Feel glad to have touched at a right spot!! ;D

Do we know if raytrace render will be faster in v 2.5? And will there be a batch?