Square Pupils

Hello! I’m modeling a friend’s character, and her eyes have rectangular pupils, and I’m wondering what might be the best way to model them. Her irises are oval shaped. What would be the best way for me to blend these two shapes?
For past characters I’ve modeled the eyes in a way where I can easily change the size of the iris and pupils for different expressions, and I’d still like to be able to do without resorting to a 2D texture

I attached a reference image of the character as well as the sclera model I normally use https://imgur.com/a/i9ZuCyC

Any advice would be appreciated!

hey check this file… to make the pupil i just made a subdivided plane and shrink wrap it with snapping in edit mode and then move it a little to the front to avoid clipping with the iris… eyes-rectangular.blend (162.0 KB)

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