Square Recreation Project

Hi there,

I’d love to ask specifically for feedback/help on this in terms of lighting and material set up. Simply because I have done neither of them before but don’t have the time to go off and explore myself. D:

This is part of work, you see. I am actually a 2D artist but can work with Blender and apparently well enough in the eyes of my employers to get this done. And yes, I can get this done, but as an artist I can see that I am obviously no Andrew Price and I feel unhappy about the resulting low quality product. D: Sad, what else can I do but to turn to fellow artists who have more experience and can help me out?
I am working in Blender Render in v.2.73.

So my two major concerns are:

Most of the scene is limestone. What would be the best settings for this material? I would use if for 99% of the scene. The geometry is so simple that I can’t change materials for glass areas and since EVERYTHING is going to be baked anyway, there is no need to worry about reflections.

And second… what light should I set up and how should the environment settings be like? I am capable of adding a sun light, and I can play a little bit with the scene settings… but I think the results I have are mediocre at the very best and would appreciate any specific settings in terms of the two. I’ve managed to get … uhm… HDR image lighting, which is nice already, but … yeah, I think it can be better. Right?

Here is a simple standard render of part of the square to give you an idea. Also a screenshot of the whole scene.
And I suppose I’d be happy to share a blend file as well, but I think with all the textures embedded it would be really rather huge… so I leave that option for someone who is really interested in seeing the blend file and who can help me set it up properly for such a transaction. :slight_smile:

Would it be more helpful to place this in the Support Forum area? I can’t quite decide whether this qualifies as WIP or actual “I have an issue”. It’s both, really, isn’t it?