square section, tapered, space filling hilbert curve.


I’m having a bit of a modelling problem which im hoping for some help in solving!

Before I begin here is a link to the model:

So what I’ve done is got a space filling hilbert curve from sketchup as a line, repeated it upwards to the height of 100m,
imported it into blender as a dwg as lines, then converted that to a curve. Following this I’ve used a curve to make a box section and then another curve to make a taper on that.

The final effect im trying to achieve is that the hilbert curve box section starts really small at the bottom, and as it ascends, it should taper up until there is a solid ‘floor’ at the top where the box sections of the hilbert curve are touching each other making what would appear to be a solid surface.

The problem im having is that blender somehow seems to know that ive used about 7 components and that they arnt joined. you can see this in the model by tabbing into the curve and hitting ctrl+L. so what i think is happening is that all of what i want to do is working but its only happening on each section.

Is there a way to tell blender that the curve is all one line and to just continue a single taper the whole way up?
or (and at a danger of being in the wrong catagory here)
is there a way of making a small script that will fill a box with a hilbert curve line that will be a single line with a direction so i may then convert that to a tapered box section.

Any help will be very much appreciated.



The problem is that the endpoint of one curve section does not connect to the start point of the next, but rather into a middle point of the next curve section. Your best option is probably to separate the curves into separate sections, subdivide the “taper curve profile thing” into 7 different separate curves and then match each DXFmesh to its corresponding taper curve. It will look approximately correct that way.

Thank you very much see360! I’d thought the curve Id brought in was originally one big long line! The way the curve in blender is set up makes it look very fuzzy and difficult to see cause of the handles. I think ive got it. ill be posting the results back up here in a couple of weeks when its finished :slight_smile: thanks for your help