Square to Circle

Hello Folks,

I have been working on a model. It has rectangular body with one end which is a square and the other end a pointed nose cone.

What i want to do is, change that square end into a circle. I am attaching a screen shot of that face and also the blend file.

Any help would be appreciated.


ALCM.blend (140 KB)

The most obvious way to achieve this is to add a square and a circle aligned along the same axis (united into a single object, Ctrl+J in object mode) and simply press F>Skin Faces/Edge Loops.

To get a “pointed nose cone” simply extrude your circle along the axis a few time, scaling it down a bit each time.

/ Mats

tried that with plane and circle --> and fail!

error - verticies part of more than one loop ?

so can you give more details please


You could add more loops to the side geometry (you should have at least 8 point to get a cricle form) and then you select your top 8 vertices and press CTRL+SHIFT+S (this is “to sphere” but interactive).
Finally you’ll have to adjust the rest of the geometry…

Here is how I would do it:

  1. In front view add a circle. (Space>Add,Mesh>Circle, 16 vertices. radius 1, no fill)
  2. Still in edit mode and in front view, add a plane and delete the face (X>Only faces) and subdivide (W>Subdivide) twice to get 16 vertices.
  3. Move the square along the X axis. (G, X, 1)
  4. Select everything (A, A) and merge (F>Skin Faces/Edge-Loop)

If the number of vertices don’t match in the two edges, Blender will ask you what compromise you prefer.

To create a pointed nose cone there are several ways of course, here is a simple way:

  1. Deselect all and loop select the circle (Alt+Shift click it).
  2. Extrude it along the X axis (E, X, mouse drag) and scale it down (S, Shift+X). Repeat and tweak until you got a nice looking shape. To close the cone simply extrude-scale the last circle to cursor (E, S, 0).

/ Mats

Thanks Guys for the help, i’ll try both. I did try Mats method but didn’t know i need 16 vertices and it ended up looking like a mess.


What do you mean by more loops to the side geometery? Can you please elaborate a little more? A screen shot would be awesome.

Mat, the pointed end looks ok i just need help on the square end. I’ll try what you described.


Looks like it worked out alright.

Thanks guys.:yes: