Squared Glass Window

How to model a squared glass window? Like this one…

Is it possible to model this using bevel?

You are probably better off building this as separate objects.

  • Model 1 brick and apply the relevant materials.

  • Use the array modifier to duplicate the individual brick and make it conform to a grid.

  • Model the grout between bricks and apply the relevant material.

You could model it as a single entity - but assigning materials to all the faces may become tricky.

Thanks moony!

This is my rendered result,although I think the glass material could be improved.

Looks pretty good - did you model the bricks accurately (i.e. with a piece of glass on both sides of the brick with an air space in between) - or are they one solid block? It looks like the latter to me - however it’s difficult to tell without seeing a closer view and with perhaps more detail in the scene (i.e. something for the glass to refract - a floor and/or background).

If your bricks are solid - tweaking your material probably won’t help. The exact look of glass objects is critically dependent on modelling the object exactly as it is in real life.

Yes,I’m still working on it. I modeled one cube and then used the Array Modifier. I trying to find a way to make them look a single object,because there’s still some space between each cube.