Squares vs. Triangles

Hay everybody everybody, I’ve been seeing many thing on using squares, but I’ve also noticed that professional computer modelers use just triangles. What’s the difference with advantages and disadvantages?:confused:

I was always told to stay away from triangles as much as possible. Sometimes you can’t avoid it. I’m not exactly sure what the reasoning is but whenever I mess up and I get a lot of triangles in the same area, I can never smooth out the surface. Quads don’t have this issue, apparently.

It really depends what you are modelling for. Triangles do not deform as nicely as quads and quads work better with subsurf, but if you are modelling game art, then it will be converted to tris anyway, so you could save on geometry if you model it as tris from the start.

the reason to use 4 sides vs 3 is that 3 is hard to divide in to equal parts when subdividing. That makes things wonky in the long run.

But since games use triangles, if you’re modeling for a game then you can use triangles & don’t forget that your poly count will be one 4 sided poly = 2 tri’s. so it could double.