Squash and stretch effect on a simple scaling plane

This is my first post.


I’ve recently been trying to create motion graphics in blender. I’ve watched tons of kinetic typography videos with minimal animations and have noticed an almost squash and stretch style in a lot of the minimal animations that are used as transitions for example.

Here is the scene I have setup:

I have loaded up a simple plane in blender and resized it to 0. I have added a scaling keyframe at frame 20. I have then moved forward to frame 30 and scaled the plane to a size that I am happy with and added another scaling keyframe.

I want to know how I would use the planes momentum from scaling to make the plane expand and contract after the final keyframe and then settle to its default size at frame 30. I’m assuming this could be done with some sort of physics simulations but I have no idea how to do this.

I don’t want to have to manually keyframe something this simple to expand and contract in a squash and stretch fashion.

How would I go about achieving this effect.


In the graph editor set the interpolation mode of that keyframe to ‘back’ or even ‘bounce’ or elastic’ depending on how much oscillation you want.

I don’t know where “bounce” or “elastic” mode is located in Graph editor, but you do need to edit the curve there. The method I found is in Graph editor property, hot key N. In there there is section where one can add modifier / Built in Function. You can insert number of different curves in to your animation curve. Here I picked Sine curve. Just tell it to insert function curve you want with in “Restrict Frame Range”. And play with other settings to blend it in. But then in the end it may be faster to just key frame that motion manually!