Squash Doubles Association Pro Tour - 2016/2017 Season Trailer

I recently had the pleasure to work on a season trailer for the SDA Pro Tour, a professional squash doubles tour. I wanted to leverage Blender as I had recently outfitted myself with dual GTX 970s, making some full animated sequences much more plausible. I’ve worked with these guys for a few years and they’re very open in letting me take some creative risks on my own.

All the models, lighting, texturing and animations were completed in Blender. Text effects & animation, video composites, particles, and some other VFX were done in After Effects.

I leveraged an OpenEXR workflow out of Blender into After Effects (alongside camera/light/null reference data using the Export to After Effects option) for some advanced compositing with some third party AE plugins. This helped keep render times down, and enabled me to work with scaled proxies to complete composites before committing to final renders out of Blender. I’m really excited to have found this workflow and am eager to continue leveraging it in the future.