Squashed cartoon highlights?

I was just wondering if anyone knows whether it is possible to get toon highlights similar to the one in the attached image, where when the highlight gets close to the edge of the object it begins to squash to fit the shape.

I know of a plugin for 3ds max that is capable of getting this kind of effect called pencil+* so I was wondering how you would go about creating it in Blender.


It looks like in your image, the specularity is behaving like a reflection. so maybe you could make a world texture that is basically a dot on a plain color field and give your object a full ray mirror value, and toggle off the specularity.
(edit) now I am thinking, maybe just place a white disc somewhere behind you camera, make the world background blue, and composite out the blue world background for the final render?
(edit) I have been trying to do this, and so far I have come close, but not quite the effect you are looking for. I will continue to play around, and see what I can come up with.