Squashing when UV unwrapping

I have a very simple object. It’s a long board that has 3 edge loops inserted around the width of it. When I select all and unwrap it it doesn’t show up proportionately in the UV editor window but instead is all squashed into something more like square shapes. Possible reasons for this or solutions?

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Try going to Editing (F9) and find the UV Calculation panel (it’s next to Multires). Change the Unwrapper, which says Angle Based by default, to Conformal.

Hmm… That didn’t seem to work. Thanks for the suggestion though. Here’s a picture of what I’m running into.


Those 12 middle pieces should be stretched out on the Y axis there quite a bit. Really, though, everything is wrong proportionally. I could resize them manually but I don’t want to have to do that for the other 25 boards when I get to them.

Your help is appreciated.

No suggestion for this? I just opened a new project and tried it again with the same results so I’m pretty sure I didn’t change some sort of setting in that particular .blend file. I also messed with a bunch of the settings in the UV calculation panel. I’ll try to find the info elsewhere but in the meantime, your help would be greatly appreciated.

I think you have resized your plank in object mode instead of edit mode. Control-A to apply object level rotation and scaling to the mesh, then unwrap again.

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Wow! That was the miracle cure. Thank you so much Matthew.

(btw, visited New Zealand and it’s beautiful)

Happy day. Thanks again.