Squid-in-a-bowl (update #6 11/22/05 pg 2)

deep breath

Well it’s been a long time since I’ve posted any art work here :(. Haven’t really had much time to do any serious Blending cause of school and stuff. Anyway, I have had the concept for this idea for a while. It was triggered by this WC thread: Strange Pets.

Here is the pic: http://laurifer3d.com/Images/squid01.jpg.

I think the modeling is done. Next comes the gulp texturing, and then lighting.

I have the standard AO with 10 samples and OSA 5 in that image. The black thing is a fish bowl, but I guess AO does not like ray transp. There is also a line between the floor and the world about half way up the table.

I think I may need to rotate the mantle (the big part sticking up) a little more to the right so you can clearly see that it slumps back.

Any suggestions on texturing, mainly I mean the arms, tenticles, and mantle, are more than welcome. I’m thinking LSCM, but I’m not sure. Texturing is by FAR my weakest point in 3D.

C&C of course. :slight_smile:



ha! cool idea, and funny. LCSM is probably the best method for accurate textures, but it will be lots of work. however, there are a lot of places to hide seams, so you do not have to worry too much about making the parts contiguous.

the only problem i can forsee is the modeling inside the jar, making the body appear to be forced against the glass. but that is an amusing image too, especially if you place those big google eyes up against it.

you could probably get away with ztransparency, unless you are going to try for a distorted magnification effect, which would also look great!

be sure to post updates, and have fun, it looks great so far! ( i am biased. i like creatures with tentacles ) :smiley:

jim ww

Haha! That’s funny. Can’t wait to see more.

If you want to be able to see through the glass, you need to turn off TRACEABLE and SHADOW in the materials window. I had that same problem with an eye I was making.

Also, the legs of the table could use some work. They should be longer and have a square or half-circle cross section.

Hope this helps!

Thank you both for the crits! :smiley:

jimww - Thanks. I am still playing around with the bowl’s material, you will be able to see it in this update. I think I’m gonna need IOR to get the effect I’m looking for.

Clean3D - Thanks. The reason you can’t see thru the glass is because there are no lights in the first pic, it is totally AO. I guess the length can be misleading. Where they (are supposed to) attatch is at the bottom of the bowl, so they have to go up out of the bowl, then down the other side, and off the table edge. I think I have the length ok, but I will play around with other sizes. And they are rounded on one side and flat on the sucker side.

Ok. Update time.


It is a larger image (more pixels), but the file size is still small (~40kb), for those with slower connections.

You can see, I have a basic light setup here, with no AO. A simple brushed chrome material from a previous pic I made is on the table. The bowl has its ray transp, and I started texturing the squid.

I am SOOO bad with texturing, but I will try my best, and hopefuly I will learn some tricks. That is just a basic one there. No spec, no bump, no mirror.

It is going to be tough to get this right. I cannot find any squid-out-of-water pics where it still has its color (they go pale when they die). I’m going to have to do a lot of guess work.

C&C please! :smiley:


The head looks OK but I don’t like the tentacles on either side. They look too symmetrical and inorganic. Maybe if you bent their middle bits in towards the table and rested the bottom bits flat on the ground.

The feet of the table put me off too. I think it’s because they resemble the tentacles too much in shape and possibly because they don’t look spread out enough to support the table.

I’d like it if you could add some watery effects to make it look like he has pushed all the water out the bowl. Maybe some puddles on the table and floor. Plus some specularity on the skin.

Are you going to distort the eyes to make it look comical or is it a more realistic image?

I remember this concept a while ago that was used in an advert for buying a home. It was of a goldfish that was too big for its bowl and it said ‘need a bgger place to live?’ but I think it was just a Photoshop image.

ha! awesome! this is exactly where i was hoping it would go. i love the volumes, it really gives the character some weight. the suckers on the underside of the tentacles look a little too regular, but they will be a nice detail, when the texturing is further along.

google image search is your friend. :slight_smile:

jim ww

osxrules - Thanks for the great feed back. I understand what you mean about the tentacles, so I changed one around, as you’ll see. I also know what you mean about the legs of the table. Instead, I turned it into a sort of… stump? I don’t know what you would call that. I wanted a very simple, but modern look for the table. I added some water around, but it’s not complete yet.

jimww - Thanks. Yeah, I changed the tentacles. I have been using Google a lot for this, especially for the colors of the squid. But I am also looking for reference photos for wetness.

Update #2:


Besides the stuff mentioned above, I also altered the texture on the mantle a bit. I need you Blenderhead/Artists’ help now! :slight_smile:

How do I get the mantle (and other squid parts) to look wet/slimy? I have been playing around with settings and lamp arangements, but all I get is a specular line down the middle. I couldn’t find any good images on Google, but I think the idea is pretty clear. A sort of mucus membrane effect.

Thanks again for all your help guys (or gals)!


PS Sorry for such infrequent updates. School has been eating up a lot of my Blending time. :frowning:

play with the specular values. and make a seperate map for specular, using your bump map ( so the depressed areas of the bump have a lower specular value ) and a highlight colour. in photoshop, i set the bump layer to overlay, and i tend use a dark blue for the highlight, and a dark red for deeper areas. play with the colours a bit, i think you will get interesting results.

i would also recommend more bump mapping, for the fine textural detail. just use the diffuse channel for colour, and let the bump define the texture.

jim ww

The important thing to remember about specular highlights is that they are the are result of the reflection of a light source in your model because lights by default do not show up in reflections in Blender.

So when you look in top down view, check the angle between the light and camera relative to your squid and imagine the squid is a mirror and that should help you place the specular highlight more easily.

To be honest, I don’t really like specular highlights for really shiny things. I think it’s much better to use an image map but use an indoor scene. That will give both the bowl and the squid a more realistic appearance.

That’s how HDRI renders work except that the image actually lights the scene too so that brighter areas of the scene match where the lights are in the image map.

You’ll still need to use a separate map on the squid so that it isn’t the same all over though.

Ok. Reeeaaaally long time since an update. The little time I have been spending with Blender has been so frustrating as I try and get the slimey effect. It’s not perfect yet, but getting closer.

Update #3:


Stuck in an eye just a few minutes ago. You can’t really see the textures I made in Photoshop too well. I was trying for a long time with a bg image in the world like osxrules suggested, but that isn’t really what I am going for. I want a very sterile, white image, accept for the color contrast of the squid, which I hope will give a cool effect. I enlarged the suckers, too. I like the specular on the foremost arm hanging on the table. I’m trying to get that everywhere else.

Thanks for looking.


Absolutely love your image.

Couple of comments though. First, do squids have 2 rows of suckers on their tentacles? Second, the feeding tentacles are a bit too perfect of curves. Try deforming them just a bit. Third, the eye could use a bit of a bulge. Not so much where it is pressed against the bowl. but rather where it meets the body.

On the eye, by not make a pixar eye, with a big black pupil like you have it, just to give it that spectra effect on the lens a bit, looks too flat atm. The suckers look too uniform, they vary in size a bit depending on where they are on the tenticle. Overall though its a very funny and interesting peice. :slight_smile:

I’m really excited because I think I’m pretty close to finishing Squidie, here. :smiley:

MoonDragon - Thanks! I am pretty sure they have two rows. I also see what you mean about the tentacles. I don’t know how much I will move them around, but I’ll try some new positions out. A bit of a bulge? I think I know what you mean, and it could really add to the humor.

Khnum - I don’t understand what you mean about the eye. I have to alter the texture a bit because it is not showing too well in the render. Also, I guess specular does not go thru ray transp materials. The eye has very high spec values, but you cant see any of it. And I also know what you mean about the suckers. They are all dupliverts, which means I would have to go and manually size and place each one, but I really want to make a quality piece, so if it’s what needs to be done…

I don’t have an image update for y’all, but I do have a question. I will be doing some postpro in Photoshop. How do you add lines/boarders that look good and even. An example from one of Robertt’s amazing works: https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=47636. You can see there are lines and all that. A lot of still images have very designer, good looking postpro things like that and I was wondering if anyone had a tutorial or could explain how that is done. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Why do you not want Pixar eyes? IMHO, they have much more character and depth then a simple white sphere and black dot and are easier to convey emotions with, too.

I tried to find the old Blenderchar eye tutorial on the blenderwiki too see if we’re talking about the same “kind” of pixar eye, but since they took it down I guess we’ll have to wait for the new mediawiki to have it (if it does).

Also, I think the hardness of the specularity on the glass should be decreased to have sharper edges. Right now it gives the impression of plastic.

I typed that entire post and never even mentioned that it’s great and fantastic work! :expressionless:

I ment it to say “Make a pixar eye”, I agree completely

I tried to find the old Blenderchar eye tutorial on the blenderwiki too see if we’re talking about the same “kind” of pixar eye, but since they took it down I guess we’ll have to wait for the new mediawiki to have it (if it does).

It’s right here: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Blender_3D:_Noob_to_Pro/Creating_Pixar-looking_eyes_in_Blender

I’ve got a Pixar-ish eye in. Thanks WeirdHat for the link, and I hope you don’t mind me using the eye texture. If you do, I’ll make my own in Photoshop. Speaking of, does anyone know anything referring to my question in my last post? In what forum should I ask that, if no onw knows?


Update #4:


Changed the eye and a couple other minor things. The rest is postpro. Not the final, but that image should give you an idea of what the final will look like. I still got to figure out how to do a boarder. The glow is also a little uneven in some areas and seems to be totally absent on the right tentacle.


double post

Looks like there is a bit too much reflection on the top the othe squid or a lot of post pro work there, too much. Like the brushed aluminum look for the table. I hate to harp as usual but they eye looks to “human” for a squid, just because you use the “pixar style” eye tutorial to make it does not mean that you have to use a human iris image. Here is one example of what a squids eye looks like. Here is another. From doing a google search, the eye of the squid looks to be all retina with no iris at all, but there is spectral reflection from the cornia, that’s why I suggested the pixar eye. Of course it’s your design and it’s looking really nice. Keep going, can’t wait to see the final render.