Squid-in-a-bowl (update #6 11/22/05 pg 2)

I found a pic of a squid eye that I thought was good and contacted the owner, Walt Clayton, for permissions to use it. He was very kind enough to allow me to use and alter it slightly. :slight_smile:

Here is the update with the new eye texture:

Update #5:


I was talking with a friend of mine who helped me create these three smaller versions:

Original: http://laurifer3d.com/Images/squid06-1.jpg
Tentacles “relaxed”: http://laurifer3d.com/Images/squid06-2.jpg
Tentacles lifted: http://laurifer3d.com/Images/squid06-3.jpg

I’ll keep playing around with these.


Another update. What do y’all think?


Post pro done in Photoshop. I am still looking for a way to add a title and boarder lines, maybe. I am getting pretty happy with this. Any major, or minor, mistakes? I think the mantle may not be dodged enough. Thanks.


I like it! The only crit I can manage is that the the surface of the fishbowl is hard to distinguish from the skin of the squid. Some subtle color for the glass might be of benefit.