A giant squid crammed into a goldfish bowl? Your guess is as good as mine. Texturing took forever in this pic. I just couldn’t get the shiney, slimey look I really wanted. I am also not quite 100% on the pose of the arms and tentacles, here. But all in all, I think it came out okay.

The WIP thread for this can be found here: https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=50636.

C&C welcome. :slight_smile:


LOL! That’s awesome, acctually made me laugh :smiley:

Good work.


PS: On the second thought, poor squid :frowning:

wow, that’s awesome work.
great idea too!

The metal material looks especially nice - how’s that done?

such nice slimy look ,well done! i had been following this in WIP forum, great effort!

Can’t wait to see what you pull out next =)


Impressive work here, I love the gelly look of it and the lightning of the pic, looks like GI.


i know alot of work went into this. and it looks amazing :]

I do like the slimy look.
Maybe you could show more water coming out of the bowl.
Maybe use the fluids sim.

Nice work.
How did you create the anisotropic effect on the metal?

hah! very cool. that turned out well. good job. :smiley:

jim ww

Wow. Thanks all!

mystery00 - Thanks! I agree though :(. Squids are meant to be free range! Maybe we should run a patition…

rusmannx - Thanks!

mrmunkily - I’m glad you like it. It’s very simple, and all procedural. Here is a pic of the material settings if anyone wants to use it: http://laurifer3d.com/Images/brushed_chrome.jpg.

LohnC - Thanks a lot!

Serialsiner - Thanks! No GI, it was rendered internal. I was thinking about trying this out with Yafray, but I’m too lazy to really learn it, plus I think I would have had to redo a lot of the work in it, like textures and stuff.

vliegtuig - Thanks! You like the slime? Thats great. Maybe its because I’ve been staring at this image that I see it’s every flaw. I always thought there was something… off about the slime. That would have been really cool using the fluid sims for the water splash.

NR43 - Thanks! See my reply to mrmunkily for the material settings.

jimww - Thanks!



Looks really good! And funny :smiley:

lol very creative
I think you did a good job on the shninieness of the materials

nice work

thelonesoldier - Thanks!

Dwarfose - Thanks! I’m glad you think so.

AniCator - Thank you!