hey guys… and girls,
i have bin gone for a long time now, but it was for practicing on blender non stop!
so i think I’ve improved a bit since before and made this for ya.:slight_smile:

I’ll post some rendered pictures in a bit.:wink:


heres the renders.:smiley:


Looks pretty cool. Very fantasy.

All it needs is a body =D

EDIT:: now for the crits. The hair on his ears needs to be more gathered at the top

I like him. He has this cool cartoon look to him, despite that he’s way more detailed than that. I also liked his eyes. But, the lighting could do some work, it’s way too hard on his left side. Another thing is that he’s very closely shaven, a little bit longer hair maybe :stuck_out_tongue: But, despite that i thinks he looks great! Looking forward to the rest :slight_smile:

Go for 3 point lighting.

thanx guys,
I’m not good with lighting sry I’ll try to fix it in the next update.
here’s a new update.

i am going for the over the hedge look.:slight_smile:

nice model…
…he needs a body though.:wink:

Looks awesome!
HINT: Change the world color to white or sky blue.