Squish the Bunny - FPS demo for 2.49b

Squish the Bunny was a Demo from the original Blender 3d Gamekit.
which is available for download here:


These files are really cool but they were written for blender 2.25 and
they don’t play very well in Blender 2.49b.

Here is my new Squish the Bunny Demo for 2.49b. It has some new
scripts and uses the Bullet physics engine.


This blend file can be used as a good reference for people interested in
making a FPS game for Blender.

Just to be clear, I didn’t create the original demo. I just modded the blend
file so that it, works in Blender 2.49b.


Here is a newer Demo using the ePolice level. It’s a little cramped but the scripts have been updated.
I wrote the base.py and head_cam.py the rest of the scripts were just updated to get rid of depreciation



quake style centered weapon!
Very nice textures too!

THIS IS AMAZING! Wow it’s a bit laggy but my computer has been on all day, tomarrow should be smooth. But the graphics are awesome can’t wait for more progress!!!

Thanx for this conversion…sure this will help many people…what are the usage rights to the contents of this file?

Shakedown - I think the original gamekit files are released under creative commons.

The scripts I wrote, you can use as you like.

I modded the script again last night to get rid of all the deprecated warnings. so that
it works in 2.50. However, I’m still getting a error in the Rasterization module that says
expected int. but got float. on the getWindowWidth() function. Hopefully that will be fixed
when 2.50 comes out officially.

Thanx for the quick reply…When you say “the scrips I wrote”…do you mean you wrote all the scrips and we could use them all…or do you mean you wrote some of them…and we can use those ones…thanx sharky_151

wow, thats very good !!! I like the texture !! thats awesome ! but, what is the game about ?

Good job converting this and thanks for sharing!

Did you write the textureAnim.py script? I don’t remember it being in the original and it’s very useful.

seems nice, but the files are missing …