Squish the Bunny Underwater effect?

I was just wondering how they got the underwater effect in the game. No not the ripples on the water. That is pretty cool though.

How did they make it so that the character’s gravity changed when he went into the water. Another thing I’m wondering how can the character move up and down in the water as well. So how can I achieve this water effect where gravity is lower for the character in the water, but still allows the character to move up and down in the water. Thanks.

Jason Lin

Dunno about the graviti, but here’s something u might be interested…
don’t remember who made it… :smiley:

Hey cool. Wait, what exactly does it do? I see the building being slightly deformed. Is this supposed to simulate the effect of objects in water?

I’m not sure if this is the one made by Lagan, but I was looking for those two files. Lol, check out the thread I brought back to life.

Hey, if this is the UnderWater blend made by Lagan, by any chance do you also have the “WaterGen” one also?

Jason Lin

There is a small chance :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue: Thanks Xintoc. That’ll really help out with creating the environment. Hmm, now for that gravity thing in water and I’ll be set hopefully. I’ll play around and see if I figure it it.

Thanks for those two blend files again.

Jason Lin

Did you try decreasing the gravity setting in the world buttons? It seems to slow things down a bit…


But the thing is how can I set gravity for both the air, and when the character’s in the water? Hmm, it might be the damping. Got to check it out. Lol, busy animating the different things as well. Thanks.

Jason Lin

you should ask saluk… he made something in his game…

Just fake it: Apply some force up. All gravity is is a constant force downwards. So to compensate for gravity, and make you fall slower, apply the right amount of force upward to counteract it (which depends entirely on your physics settings and how you want the falling to be like). You’ll have to figure out a way to determine when the character is underwater and only apply the force then.

A message when the character hits the water should do that for you I like wise will have a water envirment in my up comeing game and some of my charchters can fly. I gave the flying charcter the right opposing force upwards and it seemed to work out really well during my tests to give them a zero g effect.

Thanks guys. Hmm, I guess I try that.

What I’m really having trouble with right now is my character seems to slide. I have a force moving him forward (-X direction). Then I have a torque that’ll turn him left or right. However, as he’s turning left or right, the momentum from the force still pushes him forward in that same direction (-X direction). How do I make it so that when I make him turn left, the momentum will just push him in that new direction that he is facing? So he’s initially going forward, when I press left whatever momentum he has left should make him move in the new direction left (in between -x and -y direction) instead of just in the -x direction. Keep in mind, the character is moving pretty fast. A dolphin swimming in water.

Umm did I say stuff up there clearly?


Jason Lin

Did you make sure “L” is selected for the forward force? This makes sure the force is in the direction you are facing. If he just has too much momentum, you can increase the Damp value to make him slide less. Although to overcome damping you have to make him move faster.

Yeah, I finally figured out the movement of forward, left, and right. Still has some sliding, but it’s minimal now. Lol, a day at #gameblender with MrArmdillo’s help did the trick. Day 2, Mooman helped me to make my character shinier in realtime.

Thanks Saluk, I’ll try increasing the damp a little more to see if it’ll stop the sliding a little more.

Jason Lin

Hey, goldentaiji, are you making a game… I’ve noticed that you have been asking some questions…

Oh yeah, I am. I was going to tackle an RPG as my first game in Blender, but I realized how complicated it was on all levels. So I’m starting off with a minigame that I’ll put into the RPG. It’s going to be an international sport or favorite past time of all the inhabitants of my RPG world. First I’m going to have a dolphin race and as the story progress, there’ll be more sea creatures to race on.

Currently trying to get the stuff to work first and later on I’m thinking about making it able to increase the level, speed, and turn of the sea creatures (dolphin) so that he’ll be able to compete against faster and harder opponents as the game progresses. This way, there’ll be a balance between killing enemies and fun things to do in the world. Hmm, maybe there’ll be prizes for rare items in the races and such. All these ideas, but first I’ve got to get the hang of logic bricks and then python.

Jason Lin