Squishy (animateable) tires

here’s a system i was developing for squishing tires, but realized it wasn’t necessary due to the weight of the vehicle i was planning on using it on.

but it’s perfect for heavier vehicles. i think.
here are some notes concerning this rig if you decide you might want to fiddle with it for your own needs.
1.there are three objects. the rim, tire and a lattice object.
2.the tire and the lattice object are parented to the rim, with the exception of the lattice object’s x rotation, that way the deformation stays on the bottom.
3.the lattice’s “squish” is attached to a “shape key” to simulate either weight or flatness. sorta.
4.there are ways to animate the squish with drivers and the shape key, it’s not on here though. (mine’s un-polished)

here’s the .blend, it’s a w.i.p, so be gentle.


squishy2.blend (622 KB)