hi everyone, I have been working on this “Squyder” for about 5 hours tops. I need to know what to improve about the mesh and what details to add. I also would like some suggestions for texturing. I am going to be rigging it once the mesh and texturing is finished.:smiley:


When Shelob met Cthulhu .

Anyway, I can’t really see much wrong with it–aside from the fact that it’s a squid-headed spider–except that the joints of all the seperate parts don’t look very organic. They all look a little jagged.

I don’t know if this was on purpose or not, but spiders always have eight legs, not six.

Ugh! That thing looks hideous! :slight_smile:

Other than the fact that I hate spiders, there’s not much to say, since I’m not sure where this is going. (Game? Scary movie? Christmas card?)

The neck seems a little odd - like it’s not really part of the same model. Take a look at the side render to see what I mean.

The legs seem too bony for an animal.

I think you need to improve the materials lots, with mostly bumpmaps and textures. Otherwise the mesh is pretty good.

I would suggest moving the tentacles closer together. Nice work though, I second the Cthulhu-spider thing!

Perhaps add little foot pads on the bottom of each leg instead of the leg coming down to a point on the ground.

How can you judge the materials when you don’t get a render?
These are screenshots of the 3D window; materials are never shown there (at least not the details).

Charlesworth, I just noticed he said that. XD

I really like the overall look, but it seems that the the tentacles and the fur on the butt-thing doesn’t fit. The small tentacles are barely noticed nexted to the huge legs, so I would go with fewer yet beefier tentacles. And instead of fur on the butt-thing I would suggest keeping it smooth, or maybe giving it randomly placed thick spikes instead.

But then, if you’re going to do lots of close-ups of the beasties face then lots of thinner tentacles would better. And some people are more frightened by hairy spiders than smooth ones so the hairy butt-thing would be okay.

I’ve always disliked the smoth spiders, so for textures I’d recommend something shiny and moist with a slight bumpmap on the top parts of the model.

What was your inspiration for this creature?

It is supposed to have 6 legs. I am going to be using this model for a film. I will post an update soon!:slight_smile:

The legs are all the same size, it would look better with some variation (you can choose which). Also, at the scale we see it here, the whole squid thing just gets lost. It looks like its got a little green thing on its head. You may want to make the tentacles longer, or the whole squid portion more massive in comparison to the Spider part so it is more apparrant what it is.

With some lighting and nice textures, that will look fab. What’s it for?