SR-71 modelin'

Hi! :smiley:

I’ve started this project, and I need suggestions…

this is a fast (veeeery fast) plane, and I like it a lot, my reference to model this airplane is a toy…

I think this part is almost done…

I need C&C, and a lot of suggestions…don’t worry tell me what U want



Very cool! That’s my favorite plane. I started modeling one of those a while back but never finished.

I hope you’re able to finish it. Good work so far.

Looks like a good start. The “grating” on the wing looks a bit too recessed when compared to the reference pic shown, plus the edge of the wing doesn’t look sharp enough.

Oh man. I love that plan. I was able to get a tour of one a week ago.

Those things are huge! So many amazing statistics.

The outer contour of the wing in your model doesn’t look accurate to the photograph. The edge should curve out more and in more. I’m not sure how to explain what I mean very well. Otherwise it looks very good.

Some updates

not a lot of changes, but important…

What do U think?


thanks! :smiley:

It looks pretty good, but the shape is not very close to that of the actual plane.

Nice start, the body is too long though.

Here is a good site which also has 3-view diagrams and specs.
Images of the A-11/12 and YF-12 along with the SR-71 are at the bottom:

EDIT- Now that I look more closely maybe it’s just the wings aren’t wide enough.

thx for the replies

thelonesoldier: yeh I know that’s not very close to the original, but is just for fun, so I’m gonna make it in “my away” hehehe, thank U som much for your point of view! :smiley:

Sonic TH: hey thank you for this link, it will help me a lot!!!

now, before modelin some new shit…renders

I know that the landing gears are not like mine (down here), but I prefer my way hihihi


C&C and suggestions are allllll welcome! :smiley:

Someone pointed this link out to me, wasn’t sure if you were still working on this so I didn’t post it but I guess I will now:

(Don’t know how I missed it before seems kinda obvious.)

Hey, Dhaniel, could you please explain to me how you modelled that? I’ve been working on one too but my results aren’t even worth uploading.
Or can anyone who somehow sees what he did tell me how he did it. Thanks.
PS: One more question, how did you make the little insets on the wings there? ( those gratings outside the engine nacelles on the winglet).
Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Model looks great, but I don’t really see the recessed paneling you have on the outer wing outside of the engine, which yours is very pronounced. Does that open and close or is it static like that? Can’t wait to see this with some color, you planning to UV map?

More links on that topic for you:,3197.0.html - tons of pics and chatter on the topic of blackbirds - some more pics and quite good information about how to distinguish the different type of blackbirds

also make shure to check out and search for “blackbird” there. (sorry, posting the result url doesn’t work)

After that, please take more care for details. Like perhaps you don’t know but the plane on the photo isn’t the usual sr-71, actually there are several types of “blackbirds”, as you can see in the second link.
You should also try to add sharp corners where they should be, like the border of the top and the bottom of the aircraft. The shape of the cockpits also needs some work. Plus if you look at the rear end of the center fuselage, it’s quite different from what you can see in the photo you posted. I’m also largely in doubt of the shape of the grillie-things on the outer wings, afics, they aren’t embossed at all, yet barely visible. And there’s still more that looks weird right now.

But don’t give up, facing all the work left to do, having your own rendered wallpaper is the most rewarding thing ever.

looking good, I think it may be a little to long though


Awsome model!

just two things:
-The tail point seems to be missing (The main body tapers off at the rear, it doesn’t flatten out) Could just be the POV…

-It could use some sharper edges in areas… if you are using Subsurfs, try adding creases. (Shift-EKey)

May I ask what you used to model this? Nurbs? A simple mesh of some kind? Extruded curves? Please answer as I am also trying ot model one. Also, what parts of this model are seperated?

EDIT: I think I was being unclear. Let me rephrase all that:
1)What did you use to model this? Nurbs? Deformed spheres? curves somehow?
2)Please tell me how you did whatever you did.
3)What parts are seperate (EX: did you model the wings seperatly from the engines? I realize you obiviously did in this case but I’d like to know about the rest of the model…)
Please help the guy who is not to good at modeling curvy things such as this! %|