Sr hypercar

just a hypercar made from my imagination

i plan to do a short animation with it


some back shots


Awesome work!

thx i will do a nice presentation with it,when its finished,some sort of “comercial”

you could try and make the Backlights a bit more realistic… like adding glass before the emission

i will add more details ,now i just test some materials,to get a feel of the car,its wip

rim design for the car

more shoots with this car,i added more details at the front,now i cut it into pieces

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cycles render 32 samples with denoise,i will do a short animation and render it in cycles because is fast and with better results than eevee


Obviously this model is very impressive indeed. I tried to go about imitating that rear spoiler, using subdiv modeling and cutting out faces then working with pulling around edge loops and stuff. A bit frustrating and not as good as yours… You must have the right technique down to a tee. By the way, have you tried luxrender 2.6 for Blender 2.93? it will blow away cycles and you might get some nice reflective caustics and the metals far more realistic with its Fresnel presets or specific or custom n,k values.

now i work in blender 3.0 its not suported yet by luxcore render,but i will try it when it will be

some test renders

now i work on the interior

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added more details to interior

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