SR luxury SUV

Luxury SUV modeled around my logo inspired by rolls royce culinan


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Very detailed work! :astonished:

thx,i need to add more to look polished enough

What other things do you want to add?

i must separate the front spoiler,the hood,do some air ducts ,windshield whipers,maybe the interior wich is time consuming

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I tried modeling a car a couple times. It’s probably the one of the most time consuming high-detail things you could possibly model. I didn’t get very far… :sweat_smile:
There are so many little parts you have to model, plus interiors is a whole other ball game. I’ve gotta say, you’re doing a really good job on the detail.

thx,the interior its time consuming,the exterior its more hard in my opinion you must get the proportions and lines right

ive done the background setup,and almost finished the back of the car

i finished the tyre

testing some renders