SR Nodevember 2020 prompts

I’m a bit late to the party, but I still wanna play this year!

Day 1 - Cookie:

01-cookie.blend (798.9 KB) - CC0 license

Inspiration image:

Who doesn’t love chocolate chunk cookies? Nothing too fancy, mostly voronoi tricks.

Day 2 - candy:

02-candy.blend (849.7 KB) - CC0 license

Inspiration image:

Keeping it simple this time, some simple trig rotation nodes to get the twist.

Day 3 - fruit:

03-fruit.blend (834.9 KB) - CC0 license

inspiration image:

I’m trying to limit myself to about half an hour for each prompt this year, trying to refine and simplify as much as possible.

Day 4 - grain:

04-grain.blend (1.0 MB) - CC0 license

Inspiration image:

The seemingly simple nodes pictured above contain a disgustingly messy recursive clusterbomb of node groups. all unwrapped, there is over 50 noise and voronoi nodes, sooo, it’s not very efficient! But it works, I guess.

Day 5 - pastry:

05-pastry.blend (789.1 KB) - CC0 license

Inspiration image:

This one is ok, I’m sure I could spend more time refining, but it gets the point across.